Private show by Deleyaman

On the 30th of July 2021, L’Insoupçonnée opened its gates for the first time for a show under the stars given by the iconic band Deleyaman. This show was a part of their summer tour in France.

The concert was preceded by a tasting of wines from our region, led by Karine Jouanin, wine merchant in Saint Rémy De Provence (Vins, Champagnes, etc…), and by a gourmet buffet prepared and served by Vincent Croce, skilled chef from Marseille, who comes straight out of the Bocuse classes (Cocotte Kitchen). About a hundred people had the chance to witness this birth of which we are proud!

"Deleyaman is celebrating its 20 years of existence. The band led by the American-Armenian Aret Madilian, continues to push the limits of creativity. Between ambient, sacred, post-punk and slowcore, Deleyaman redefines the sound of a haunting and enigmatic music."

Always searching deeper, Deleyaman has long been a cult band, who, like the band Tuxedomoon, defies time and fashion.

With connections to post-punk, as well as to ancient music, the band never stops exploring a musical territory where English and French, the secular and the sacred, classical poetry and impressionism meet. Recently, in 2019, Dead Can Dance has covered Deleyaman's "Autumn Sun" onstage, including it on their European tour setlist. The band has collaborated with the iconic actress and film director Fanny Ardant on her film soundtrack (2017) and they have performed together on stage (2021). The band's most recent album "Sentinel" released in 2020, features contributions from Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) and Jules Maxwell (Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard). En 2019, Dead Can Dance reprend le titre "Autumn Sun" de Deleyaman sur scène et l'intègre à sa setlist de sa tournée européenne. Le groupe collabore avec l'emblématique actrice et réalisatrice Fanny Ardant sur bande-son de film (2017) et sur scène (2021). Leur nouvel album "Sentinel" contient des contributions de la part de Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) et Jules Maxwell (Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard).

The mysterious and unclassifiable band still and always has its mystical and intriguing side. The subterranean power of their music, whose strange gentleness sometimes reminds us of the Tindersticks and the literary gravity of Leonard Cohen's universe.