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Welcome in Provence

Company get-togethers - Events - Private season Holidays

A pinch of soul

Allow your team to take a break, organise an event, or just take a holiday, in a refreshing, intimate setting. Away from day-to-day routine. Something out of the ordinary.

Find yourself again in a marvelous place. Experience the very best, the most authentic, of what this Earth and those who live on it can offer. Your stay is entirely bespoke, designed with a view to offering you true and rare experiences, born directly out of Provençal art de vivre.

“Just like home, and yet so uprooting”

Company Residencies

Be they motivational seminars, training weeks, or even short-lived exhibitions, turn your corporate stays into confidential getaways!


Entertain your guests in an unexpected setting for a memorable garden-party, for a very special marriage, or for a premium reception.

Stays in season just for yourselves

‘Pinch of Soul’ opens its doors to you for bespoke private stays – the stuff of the finest memories …


Find yourself again for special moments – it helps that our locations are not precisely run-of-the mill …


A pinch of soul


A house that is like a village square, with authentic cicadas galore
In Provence
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The house


A pinch of soul


Fine architecture and a fine sight onto a great cultural heritage

in Avignon
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The apartment
The concept

Make the most of fine moments at one place, or enjoy our locations in succession.

We make unique creations of your stays

To lovers of good food and of Provence we offer a range of select experiences – most often authentic, sometimes unmissable, always highly enjoyable…

Be our guests

We offer a hedonist’s stay in Provence, welcoming you as if you were our very own friend and making you feel at home.

Good news:
it's easy to get here!

Less time on the road, more time for good times.